Sat 18th June Club Meet


Sat 12th June

The Albert River Winery,  Scenic Rim Historical Fair at Tamborine, Heavy and light horse displays, wine and food,

Leather and dance displays, whip cracking,  started out a bit drizzly, but fined up nicely. Coupla pics on the Facebook;


Sat Sun 4th & 5th June   

Was the fund raising for the Clem Jones foundation,  Carina demo. Thanks Paul & Stewart for the help and support.

Free tea and damper all weekend, Corner of Creek and Stanley Roads Carina, Live music, pig races, reptiles, had a ball.


Sat 21st May

Early start, 11 all up, one new guy for a look, welcome, hope to see you again, ...decorative frame finished..ish by Jasson , Pete with a leaf, a corkscrew, and a paper weight anvil, tapers and scrolls practice, angus with some shackles, BBQ,

….and no rain.. (provable...)


Sat 7th May

Late start to the morning, & 7 all up, including my guest, French Blacksmith Etienne De Fromont.


Sat 23 April


Sat 2nd April

Good turnout, gas burner made, another large decorative twist on a chisel, some forge welding instruction and practice,

Some camp fire gear discussion, and finally the weather is warming to the forging habit.



Sat 19th March

Drizzle sort of set in after lunch, didn't slow any one down...coupla fire pokers for the weld and eyes,

A twisted hook from some thread,..(Jasson's donation of half  a ton of off cuts), a tin smithing hammer from Neil..

A rustic knife by Stewart, ,...Paul with a tomahawk from a rail nail...nice upsetting and slitting…. Bitta guidance from Wayne for a young bloke new to the fire...BBQ...


Sat 5th Mar, meet 27

6 all up, very little rain..if any...nice cool day for it. Some beginner hooks and scrolls, and not so beginner hooks and hex bar.  Welcome to Andrew, (off  Iforgeiron)  from Sydney,  some more tools from Paul, roasting fork by Stewart.


A Youtube  link         for one type of tool and one way of upsetting rivets/nails with it.


Sat 19th Feb, meet 26.

7 all up,.. continuation of the stainless quench tub frame and legs, some rings for the frame of a small coffee table,

Coat rack hooks, tongs. We have a new stainless URN, bigger ...more Moccona capabilities.



Sat 5th Feb meet 25,

Another glorious, stinking hot muggy….lol….i think we might need our heads read?

Another bottle opener from a rail nail, some tongs, and I was mixing work with sweat and more heat with some pick heads, stainless rivets and bits. The rest was yak, bbq, and cool water drinking. ( roll on winter! )


Sat, Jan  twenty tooth,

Nice breeze kept the day creative, tongs tong and tongs, a frame/stand started for a donated s/s quench tub (massive old bakers mixing tub) from Jasson and Co, welcome, hope to see you back, Paul brought his kit in again, new acquisition with another rivet forge. Flood donations were $100.00 from the Group.

And pancakes with the trimmings for lunch.   (Dunno how this’ll go...Facebook )


Sat, Jan  8th 2011,

Nice day, very little rain surprisingly, the Higgins signs crew put out a bottle opener from a rail nail with a twist….(get it?...never mind!) …..and set up a set of laser cut tongs, Paul’s tool rack and half on wheels and the forge from recycled materials, and Grommet with….a thing that was gonna be another thing from another thing, that turned into...stuff….lol..

And I found a Anvilfire cap… bargain! (just kidding, its here for collection next time)


Sat, Jan oneth 2011,   

All up including the 100 mosquito’s, 103. Tapers, scrolls and a spirals were the order.



Sat Dec 18, meet 21, Good heath and good fortune for the season to all who made it and didn't.

9 in, no rain, flower and leaf...nice,  hammer holed with the new dodgy press (awesome) (don't tell Wayne...he sledge hammered the last one)……..petes NEW portable ..collapsademountapartable forge...nice…..the new guy..welcome and hope to see you again…….and the food...roast dead something..with garlic poked through...mmmm, baked spuds, japer...djapar…tee...some Indian rice dish….bbq snags….salad platter...rhubar...roobar...purple stuf and home made custard, cream..etc….glazed spare ribs….and home baked ginormous bikkies brought in, salsa and crisps brought full again…..a lot of yakking, forging and eating….forging….more chatting….


Hope to see you all in the new year.



Sat Dec 4, Meet 20,

7 all up, Bitta rain, didn't slow anyone down, Waynes hammer with an eye now, (he’s decided to try a right handed diag...snicker..snicker)... nice  present for someone from Stewart…..nice tongs from Darryl,…. bottle opener by me

Some beginner points scrolls and twists from L.J. & Jack...hope to see more of you, Hardened a center punch by Zolly,


Fri Nov 26,

Coupla yearly members up the shed  in the morning for a meet/forge, normal attendance fee.


Need a coupla Vise stands made up,; 

Paul’s volunteered some time and picked up some steel from here to rig one up for a 5 inch (Thanks) which turned into the stand  for the dawn 150mm for grinding and cutting….(deliberately)


Sat Nov 20, Meet 19.

9 with the grommet an myself, cutlers hammer, a decorative split and twist, a plough disk forge cut, some normalizing of hammer heads, a pair of laser cut tongs set up for riveting, tongs, a pic of my spring fuller for 10mm tenons / rivets, and  as well also including and too...the seven inch leg rain, lotsa wind, had to fix the roof/tarp. Wayne and I made a couple of tent poles that wont be pressured to  (and pancakes this time! ...thanks to my wife)


Sat Nov 6, Meet 18,

No rain, Awesome day for it, 7 in attendance, forged, hardy tools & another forge coming, tong reins, shown off a manifold twin burner assy by Paul... (neat!)  ,  awesome left handed diagonal pein hammer from Wayne and some running repairs to a forge)(Thanks)….I played the kitchen lady.. (cos of my Paris Hilton fizz...phisz ...phis...shape..), and coupla tongs by me.


Sat Oct.23rd meet 17

Lovely weather, 10 all up forging, coffee tables, tongs, h13 hardy cut, h13 chisel, a really cool forge and home made anvil shown off, and home made mini hydraulic forge press  with removable dies,, some pics on the gallery page….


Sat Oct 2nd meet 16

Coupla drops of rain (didn't slow anyone down), ..eyeing hammers, continuation of tongs, a sword/chopper, some scrolls and points for practice, some spring steel tongs and some spring tongs? 9 in attendance, great day.

Hope you are all ready for the club photo next meet. What anvil went missing?


Sat, 18th Sept, 2010    Meet 15

No rain, nice day actually,  6 in attendance, tongs, tongs and more tongs, Michael’s continued decorative hose reel, a me fire poker (which I forgot to get a pic before it walked out the door), Mick’s plough disc forge bits, a members homemade frame and anvil, and a welcome to John, hope to  see you back. Some Pics on page 4..  Block of death quickie this coming Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.  Phone for directions (4hrs drive from Brizzy west..ish)


Sat, 4th Sep, 2010    Meet 14

No rain, bit muggy with a nice sea breeze to cap off. Coffee table legs, Anvil tools, Tongs, and a decorative garden hose holder.

Coming up on the first anniversary, next month, we need Big bbq and club photos  (Oct 23rd), and a magazine/news letter, and or more ideas….Any volunteers or ideas?  It will also be the A.G.M.


Fundraising ,... raffles …. Tongs gp


Sat, 21st Aug, 2010    Meet 13

7 all up. Couple of new visitors. Hammers, scrolls, and Matt’s harden and temper for a knife in the furnace.

Perfect weather. And the BBQ. Finally managed to get the Swedge block up from Melbourne. The first Annual meeting coming up in October, along with a roaring BBQ or spit, that orta mark the occasion I think. Let me know...



Sat, 7th Aug, 2010  Meet 12

Lovely weather, Knife day went as desired. Welcome to a new possible member, two new anvil stumps donated  by Wayne (thanks!) who then he flittered off and picked himself up some bargains,  BBQ, and Paul’s first tongs (nice job!), and more knife show and tell.


Sun, 25th July, 2010

Bought one of the Emerald anvils, Wayne, one of the members, was nice enough to rise in the wee hours of the morning, volunteer his truck, drive the grommet and I up and help lug the anvil back.


Sat, July 24th, 2010 meet 11.

6 all up in attendance. A pritchel hold down made, a diagonal pein hammer (another to be master piece of Stewarts), a pair of tongs nicely repaired with new handle and rivet, a bit of knife blank work, and started a slitter out of h13. the BBQ…,Further discussion on the “how to” knife day which will be on the 7th Aug, Sat, where the ones that want, will be led through the forging steps and terminology, one of the members goes through  leading up to the polishing stages of the blade component of a hand made knife. Awesome day!


Wed, July 21st, 2010,

 In the throws of organizing a Forge welding demo,


Sat, July 3rd, 2010, Meet 10.

Hah! No rain..beautiful day for forging. 6 in attendance, tomahawk heads from rail nails and ball pein hammers, coffee table legs and nice scrolls, slitting and drifting, a drift, I hardened, tempered and handled my new hammer, Stewart showing off using his very nice Cutlers hammers again, some big holes in some tow bar for a homemade anvil attachment that bending pins drop in and two sizes of hardy. Awesome day.


Wed 23th June 2010,

The old hand crank forge brought up from the dairy, along with a coupla small leg vises


Sat, June 19th, 2010, Meet 9.

What a day! rain! 13 all up in attendance, tapers, scrolls, a hoof pick, two tomahawk heads from rail nails, and a few blade beginnings, forge welding attempt by, coupla holes and some slitting.  Poor Stewart…(heh.. heh..heh..) a wounded Ox in a Piranha (not quite..) (some one said “He does nice knives…”….dunno who that was?….) And Stewart brought in his Cutlers Hammers...nice! (I got a pic of the hammers I’ll stick up when I get a chance)… Next meet will be Sat 3rd July, as we will begin the trial for bimonthly meets. 


Sat, May 22nd, 2010, Meet 8.

 Great weather, perfect for forging and BBQing. 5 in attendance, the Boys with another  blade,  another new member hopefully ( welcome aboard! )...and we might introduce the fortnightly meets. thinking of moving closer to the big smoke, so I will have another set of forging gear at the club off the dairy. Also, too, including and aswell….I spoke with some blokes last week at the Marburg Demo, about selected blacksmith modules as certified courses through the tafe. I will still do the hobby courses here of course, however, if eventual certification is what you are after, I am happy to point you in the right direction. ( need five arms to do it though )


Sunday May 16th, demo at the Ipswich Heritage Faire at Woodlands of Marburg.

Perfect weather, awesome surroundings, Matt, Glen, Gabriel, Zach and myself had a ball.

Usual demo fodder, leaves, flowers, hooks, nails, and chatting to the audience.

Thanks to the organizers we were well catered for with two marquis, power, tables and chairs, and a view to remember.


Sat April 17th, Meet No. 7

No rain, 6 in attendance, Matt with a rose and a and leaf, nice. Some chisels and tools ( ..part of the “Make your own Blacksmith tools drive” )... Lots of chatting and fooding, Welcome to the new ones and hope to see you again.  Organized/planning for the Blacksmith Demo display for part of the Ipswich Heritage Faire at Woodlands of Marburg on the Sunday 16th May 2010.


Sat, March 20, 2010   Meet no. 6.

 Rain held off, 10 in attendance,  Jose with a nice first taper and scroll. 3 for hot cut chisels, shape, harden and tempered ( part of the “Make your own Blacksmith tools drive” )... The Boys with another blade creation. ..A flower.  And a couple of muck around blades, and some general forging. The BBQ for the members and  some visitor spectators( welcome and drop in again ).  Awesome day!  I was a bit busy for photo’s.



Sat, Feb 20, 2010   Meet no. 5.

 Not so hot and muggy day, nice breeze, and no rain. BBQ, I got some tongs mostly done from scrap and bar, the new blokes did some beginner leaves, got some chisel blanks cut, some straightening of some junk steel, and some shouldering practice. Also got some more done to the coke forge, and mostly finished a hardy stand. 

Coupla pics page4.




   Wayne Saunders site,  

Wayne is also a member of the,  Artist Blacksmiths Association of NSW (Inc.)








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P9  abaq 2

Saturday, December 12, 2009, spring steel tongs from a car spring coil.

New acquisition for the group to hit on...