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Just a thought on old books. It is my opinion, that you only have to get one, idea or inkling or a, ah that’s how they did that, from a book to make it worth while having looked over, or owning, that book. Doesn’t matter the age of the book, in fact, the older the better in a lot of cases. (and considering the blacksmithing craft, and crafty blacksmiths, and their knowledge base to print, have been around for how long?)


So have a flick through, you might find something useful or something to do….


If you have a pdf book for the site and want it on here, let me know.


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  blacksmithsmanual.pdf        29 meg

  themodernblacksmith.pdf         47.2 meg

  forgepracticeele00bacoiala.pdf     18.1 meg

  1888-Practical_Blacksmithing-ne.pdf    5.39 meg

  1889-Practical_Blacksmithing-Vol.2-ne.pdf   8.26 meg

  1890-Practical_Blacksmithing-Vol.3ne.pdf    5.66 meg

  blacksmithshoppr00cranrich.pdf       7.68 meg

  1911-HandForgingAndWroughtIronOrnamental-ne.pdf    2.78 meg   

  1891-Practical_Blacksmithing-Vol.4NE.pdf    6.17 meg

  1903-ModernMachineShopTools-TheirConstruction-ne.pdf   18.0 meg

  1907-Mechanical Movements, Powers and Devices.pdf    11.4 meg

  1912-Vol.8-PopularMechanicsShopNotes-ne.pdf    2.78 meg

  1913-Vol.9-PopularMechanicsShopNotes-ne.pdf     8.18 meg

  1919-Vol.15-PopularMechanicsShopNotes-ne.pdf   14. meg

  1913-DrillJigs-MachineRef.pdf    9.32 meg


   Elementary_forge_practice.pdf   11.92 m


   1920-Elementary_Forge_Practice-Harcourt-ne.pdf   12.2 meg






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