There is now a Brisbane Blacksmith club. This will be the A.B.A.Qld.

 (Australian Blacksmith Association-Qld.)-unregistered.

I have registered and paid for the said Domain name and hosting,,

 ( ), although at present, it remains unused. Here will be the temporary home.


    The club is located near Eagle Farm Brisbane, and all are welcome from anywhere. Interstate visitors can be catered for, for a night or two or a tent pitched.


    We had the first, casual forge meeting on  Sat. 24 Oct. 2009.

An enjoyable time, socializing, forging, and Bbq’ing, was had by all.


     Anyone from beginner (no experience), to advanced or skilled is welcome. It is a facility allowing for, the promotion of blacksmithing, and Forge time for like minded members/individuals in a social/club environ.

  Beginners, will be shown basics, and help from the group is always available for general forging and projects, and making your own tools. You don't need to buy tongs! (Make them!) Everything is provided. The more you practice, the better you will get. I will organize tool or  specific skill workshop days if requested, and depending on the cost for the tutors if not me, this will be share cost by the members wanting to take advantage of the formal instruction.



Safety… You MUST wear safety glasses and fully enclosed leather footwear near the forges. Even if only watching or chatting ….((NON NEGOTIABLE!))

It is also advised you bring hearing protection and clothing is NOT SYNthetic. Heavy drill cotton or denim is preferred, and long sleeves and pants.  Forges are outdoors.



    We are a non profit club running from membership/subscription, donation and sponsors.….Any, financial, steel and old machine, donations, rusty or otherwise, will be gratefully received.




You can contact 0434 993 726 Bus. Hrs. for further details and local. If no answer send a sms “Club”, to the same number for your call to be returned.


    Beginners or attending, for the first time may do so at no charge as a teaser.

The attendance Fees support all consumables/rents. At the moment this is  $10.00  per attendance, pays for lunch, and pays for all forging consumables, use of tools, gradual purchase of new stock metals, and allows for the construction of new equipment as needed for the group. It is not a forging fee, it is an attendance fee,

Remote membership is $50.00 yearly and allows for Membership certificate, emails/newsletters & invitations through the year.

Attending membership is $100.00 pa. plus attendance fees and working Bee’s..



      What we got up to, info on “ABA Qld 2” link,….   pics if any on page 4 and Gallery


     Demo’s,... If you have a function or event and would like a Blacksmith display or demonstration, drop us an email.   (

Some recent demo’s

          Sat, Sun,  05062011   Carina

          Sun,  12062011  Tamborine


       The meets are on the 1st, and 2nd last Saturdays of the month. 09:00-15:00.



  Coffee, tea, etc, and cold drinks, are available at the club for $1.00 in the tin.

  Bbq lunch is included in the attendance fee.












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