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Sat, March 20, 2010   Meet no. 6.   Make a chisel

P12  abaq projects

From this...

To this...

And do things like this...

18112010  wants, should do’s,  needs, should look ats, trying to get around to’s  …..etc…..


If someone wants something to do……..


looking at another press. Need a 12” diam. Ram, with a 18” or so travel.

Project for someone..12v hydraulic pack and a 10t ram sitting there doing nothing...

Setting up removable dies for the little press. (this is Troy’s fault !)

8 Club hammers with donated 4140 stock from Peter. By Peter and Paul……(there is a line there…)

Set up the swage block on the little MASSIVE! stumps donated by Wayne.    Done

Twin vise stand for a 5” and 7” with the 50mm smacker plate,, and a 2 single vise stands for a 5” and a 6”.

Stand for the hand bar cropper,

Table base for the 40mm plate and the 4’x5’ 30mm plate.  Done